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A stranger is just a friend that you haven’t met yet. The Bushwick Dream puts random people on the spot. This time:  Matt Timms, and found at The Active Space.


Why are you here?

I do a lot of things.  I throw culinary parties and I'm a local artist, filmmaker and actor.   (He made those pillows in the background).

What are the borders of Bushwick?

Awwwwwwwww...... I think the border extends to..... ohhhhh ohhhoho...... Williamsburg, ummm, to be honest, I'm bullshitting here, but I thought that  it was Williamsburg because people would call "Williamsburg" "Bushwick"  back in the day and now there's all these delineations, whatever, it's all bullshit.  But at the end of the day as it stands right now it starts at the Morgan stop...NO wait the Montrose stop that would be a key point.  There's Grand.... go down Bushwick Avenue..... okay Bushwick Avenue has got be a wall by most people's standards these days and I think it goes all the way out into infinity, uh, east and then it stops before you hit Bed-Stuy and you hit a wall at Bed-Stuy I'm going to say, oh God, not after Broadway, but not after.....uhhhhh.... East Broadway but.... oHHHH I DONT KNOW!!!!!!!!!

What is your weapon of choice?

It's gotta be a hand grenade.

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So there you are in the only bodega on your block, and they don't speak a lick of English.  What's a hipster to do?  HOW AM I GOING TO ASK IF THEY CAN MAKE THE CUBANO SANDWICH VEGAN???  Well, here at The Bushwick Dream we have taken the time to tackle such burning questions.


1)  It's weird, I never get stopped and frisked.

Es extraño, nunca me detuvo y registró a.


2)  I remember when this place used to be Buffalo Cantina

Recuerdo cuando este lugar era la cantina de búfalo.


3)  They better have two dollar pbr's here.

Mas vale tengan pbr's de los dolares aqui.


4)  Do you want to go to Birkam Yoga with me?

¿Quieres ir a Birkam yoga conmigo?


5)  I got this vest at The Urban Jungle.

Tengo este chaleco en La Urban Jungle.


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 Bushwick's own Glen Friedel will be exhibiting his piece, Awakening in the upcoming national juried show "Color" at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition in Red Hook from July 28-August 19.


    His work is from an alternative photographic process called a "photogram".  After some initial exposures to set background colors, Friedel uses a live model who physically lies on the light sensitive paper.  Colored lights of various intensity are exposed, resulting in “a vision of the human essence.”  The entire process is done in complete darkness and leaves no negative.   Neat, eh? 

    There are eight individual pieces that make up the ten foot wide artwork and it's quite majestic up close.  We here at TBD think you should check out this show, something tells us this one is going to be good.  Congrats Glen.


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So there you are in the only bodega on your block, and they don't speak a lick of English.  What's a hipster to do?  HOW AM I GOING TO ASK IF THEY CAN MAKE THE CUBANO SANDWICH VEGAN???  Well, here at The Bushwick Dream we have taken the time to tackle such burning questions.



1)  Just friend me on Facebook.

Solo haste amigo de mi en Facebook.

2)  What do you mean this place has a cover charge?
¿Que quierres decir con que este lugar tiene cover?
3)  It's getting cold.  Time to bring out my fingerless gloves, over sized scarf and pea coat.
Se esta poniendo frio.  Tiempo de sacar mis mintones, bufanda extendida, y chaquiton.
4)  I cut my own hair.
Yo corto mi propio pelo.
5)  Do you carry hemp milk?
¿Tienes usted leche canamo?
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So another Beat Night has come and gone.   The Bushwick Dream team got a bit of a late start but none the less we were on scene for a few of the events.  The good news is the weather was nice, there was some free alcohol and some damn fine artwork by Skewville, QRST and Don Pablo Pedro to name a few.  Here's a peek....



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In third place:


22 yr old female; living in Bushwick on my own; no kids & never been pregnant... Is there an award for this?  If so, where's mine?

In second place:
I think mediocre skateboarding originated in Bushwick
And in first place and the winnah of the best tweet of the week is....
You know you're in Bushwick when you see a girl with a shaved head and a ponytail. 
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So there you are in the only bodega on your block, and they don't speak a lick of English.  What's a hipster to do?  HOW AM I GOING TO ASK IF THEY CAN MAKE THE CUBANO SANDWICH VEGAN???  Well, here at The Bushwick Dream we have taken the time to tackle such burning questions.

1)  Mic check!  

¡ Checa Micrófono!
2)  Oh no!  I scuffed my Converse.
¡No mames, Fregué mis Converse!
3)  I know I should get this rash checked out. Is there a free clinic around here?
Se que debería cheqarme estas erupctiones.  ¿Hay alguna clínica cerca de aca?
4)  Fuck!  I hate Fox News.
¡Chinga!  Me caga Fox News.
5)  Look what I found in the trash.  It would look perfect on the wall.
 Ve lo que encontré en la basura.  Esto se vería perfecto en la pared.
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A stranger is just a friend that you haven’t met yet. Bushwick Dream puts random people on the spot. This time: Paola R., and found at Pearl's Social and Billy Club, hailing originally from Bushwick!



Why are you here?

Well I was born in Bushwick and the house that I live in, I own and it's been in my generation for two generations.  I'm also a real estate agent.


What are the borders of Bushwick?

The borders of Bushwick are always changing.


What is you weapon of choice?

Klingon Bat'leth




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So there you are in the only bodega on your block, and they don't speak a lick of English.  What's a hipster to do?  HOW AM I GOING TO ASK IF THEY CAN MAKE THE CUBANO SANDWICH VEGAN???  Well, here at The Bushwick Dream we have taken the time to tackle such burning questions.



1)  Which delivery service do you use?

¿Qual servicio de distribución se utiliza?


2)  I don't believe in Jesus...... but I believe in Kafka.

No creo en Dios...... pero creo en Kafka.


3)  Do you know where I can get a room with lots of natural light and high ceilings for $600?

¿Sabes donde puedo consigir un cuarto con mucho luz natural y con un techo alta para $600?


4)  Is there a yoga studio around here somewhere?

¿Ay un estudio de yoga por aqui?


5)  It's vintage.

Es antiguo.



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A stranger is just a friend that you haven’t met yet. Bushwick Dream puts random people on the spot. This time: Jack H., and found at Goodbye Blue Mondays, hailing originally from Brooklyn, NY



Why are you here?

I'm playing a show, actually, my band......Proxima Control


What are the borders of Bushwick, in your opinion?

What are the borders of Bushwick?  Does Williamsburg count as a border? 


What's your weapon of choice?

Oh man..... spiked brass knuckles!


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    Once in a while you walk into an art gallery in Bushwick and see something you really like.  Then there are those times when you walk into a room and see a well-hung piece and say to yourself, "Jesus-Mother-Loving-Christ...... That's fucking awesome." 

    Recently I had the pleasure of this reaction courtesy of a gentleman going by Criminy Johnson (also "QRST") during Bushwick Open Studios as part of Curbs and Stoops' Stay Gold exhibition.  His artwork usually teeters on the edge somewhere between creepy and lovable, or, surreal and familiar.  I felt it was my duty to gain some access to his psyche and post what I learned for all to read here at The Bushwick Dream.




The Bushwick Dream:  How did you come up with "QRST" and how the hell am I supposed to pronounce it?

QRST:  It's a secret. it's pronounced either "QRST" or "qrst," both are acceptable. (ha)


TBD:  I love the way you illustrate peoples' faces...... I especially like the giant eyes and deep glares that come from your characters.  What is your inspiration for such massive eyes and expressiveness?

QRST:  Eyes and eye contact and direction of gaze are obviously really expressive parts of faces, and so it feels natural to exaggerate or intensify those aspects of figures. Also I've always just enjoyed rendering eyes and they usually just feel like they should be big... it sometimes seems like making large intense eyes makes an entire piece so strong that it's almost like cheating. When I was painting more animals than people, the eyes ended up really large and dark, and I think some of that carried over to the people that I've been making recently. I could ramble on about eye contact and animal behavior and art history but i think that it would be a boring read.


TBD:  How long do you nomally spend on any particular piece?  What's the longest and shortest?

QRST:  For outside pieces the big ones generally take around 30 or 40 hours. The really little guys i can usually make in an hour or two. The most time-consuming outside piece was probably the two guys with the trains and I think that ran into 60+ hours.


TBD:  They just covered up the "Man with Glasses - Rat Feet - With a Kitty" piece you did.  How do you feel when someone covers your artwork?  Does it piss you off more when it's covered with a flat color as opposed to another artist tagging over it? 

QRST:  Ugh!  I try not to be overly disappointed when something gets destroyed or painted over, but if they have a really short run and something was up in a good spot where it was going to last, it's a little tougher to take. Really, though, I'm glueing them to a wall, outside, they're not going to last forever. I don't know which is worse, tagged or buffed, neither is worth getting angry about, though. I also had the advantage of beginning my wheat-pasting life in San Francisco, where a really solid run was two or three weeks, so on a certain level I'm always just glad to see it still there the next day when I show up to take more pictures.


TBD:  Have you ever covered someone's work over on purpose or out of spite, you know, just because you hate that fucker?

QRST:  No, I usually try to be pretty polite. Besides, my guys take too long to make to get into a contest with someone, because I won't win.



TBD:    If you weren't doing street art and paintings and such what would you be doing?

QRST:  Uhmmm.... watching cartoons.... astrophysics.... I don't know. Probably something strange.


TBD:  Why did you choose Bushwick?  Are you gonna stick around for a while or you looking to grab your bindle and hit the tracks?

QRST:  My friend and I were just looking for lofty live/work kind of places when we arrived in New York, and Morgan/Jefferson seemed to be relatively affordable and not overly dangerous, so it just kind of happened that way. I like my newest landlord and I don't have any plans to leave so...



TBD:  What's next on your immediate agenda?  Any exciting new plans we should be looking forward to?

QRST:  I'm going to put something up in the LES when I get back into town with some other folks (General Howe, Quel Beast, Bishop203, Laura Meyers, some others I'm forgetting). Joe [Franquinha],  the guy who puts together Crest Fest every year, has this backyard timeshare project going on... I guess someone's turning a vacant lot on Ludlow into a rentable yard, and he's getting a bunch of people to put up work. Unfortunately both my piece and I are going to miss the opening. Nothing concrete beyond that. Painting as much as I can.


TBD:  If you could meet one artist living or dead who would it be and why?

QRST:  I can't think of a good answer for this question. Anyone worth using a magic interview wish to meet would end up being a disappointment, right? I'm going to wish for cookies, or for next winter to be less terrible.



TBD:  Did you have fun with us at Pearl's the other night?  I can't remember a lot of it.

QRST:  Yes, I hadn't been there before...... and me neither.


Photos courtesy Criminy Johnson.
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Our newest installment!!!  Beacause you can't read 'em all, I've decided to bring you the best Bushwick tweets of the week....


In third place.....


Bushwick smells like fish


In second place.....


Watching #mysocalledlife for fasion tips.  I'm going to be the coolest kid in Bushwick.


And in first place and the winnah of the best tweet of the week is.....


#overheard in my local grocery store in #bushwick "Dad, this grocery store sucks!  They don't even have vegan cheese!"#bkgirlproblems


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So there you are in the only bodega on your block, and they don't speak a lick of English.  What's a hipster to do?  HOW AM I GOING TO ASK IF THEY CAN MAKE THE CUBANO SANDWICH VEGAN???  Well, here at The Bushwick Dream we have taken the time to tackle such burning questions.


1)  I desgined it myself. 

Lo diseñé yo mismo


2)  Is this vegan?

¿Esto es vegano?


3)  I'm looking for a roommate.

Estoy buscando un nuevo compañero


4)  Do you have loosies?

Tiene usted un frajo?


5)  Can I get my beard trimmed?

Puedo recortar mi barba?

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So there you are in the only bodega on your block, and they don't speak a lick of English.  What's a hipster to do?  HOW AM I GOING TO ASK IF THEY CAN MAKE THE CUBANO SANDWICH VEGAN???  Well, here at The Bushwick Dream we have taken the time to tackle such burning questions. 


1)  This better be Fair Trade, cold pressed, single origin coffee with Brita ice cubes.

Mas vale que sea cafe de solo un origen, prensado en frio y de comercio justo con heilo Brita.


2)  I don't eat there, they got a "b".

Yo no come aqui, ellos recibieron una "b".


3)  Of course this is a fixed gear.

Claro que es un cambio fijado.


4)  I just moved here from __________.

Me acabo de mudar aqui de __________.


5)  Stop whistling at my girlfriend.

Deja de estar pitando a mi novia.


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A stranger is just a friend that you haven’t met yet. Bushwick Dream puts random people on the spot. This time: Pamela R., and found at Pearl's Social and Billy Club



Why are you here?

I am getting drunk.


What’s the border of Bushwick, in your opinion?

"I would say...... I just moved here a week ago.... but I would say Bushwick Avenue and Bushwick Place and I"m strictly judging  by the name."


What’s your weapon of choice?




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Is that a terrarium around your neck?
Why yes.  Yes it is......

    Have you ever been sitting around and said to yourself, "Hey you know what would be awesome?  If I could wear an itty-bitty terrarium around my neck."  Yeah me neither, until I saw one, now I really, really want one.
    In a small home studio in Bushwick a girl by the name of Tamar sits and tediously makes some of the oddly uniquest jewelery I’ve ever seen.  Being a thirty-two year old male, I don’t know a lot about jewelry, but I do know when I see a work of art and this is definitely something special.
    Each piece of terrarium jewelry is unique and individually hand crafted by Tamar herself. They're made from variouos types of moss, pebbles, sea glass,activated charcoal (to help the plant life breath) and other such elements.  She can also add things that are sentimental to you if it'll fit in the jar, or you can fully customize your own.  
    "In an urban world you can still maintain your own wearable garden" Tamar says with a content smile.  You can water them and they'll even grow.  If you don't they'll eventually die but they stay in tact and still look awesome.  If you think it's dead you may still be in luck. You can give it a little water and it may come back to life, moss and lichens are funny like that.
    They can take anywhere from an hour to eight hours to make one depending on how intricate it is.  They're also very reasonably priced.  You can get yours at Littleworlddesigns.com or find her on etsy.com



Photos courtesy of Little World  Designs

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So there you are in the only bodega on your block, and they don't speak a lick of English.  What's a hipster to do?  HOW AM I GOING TO ASK IF THEY CAN MAKE THE CUBANO SANDWICH VEGAN???  Well, here at The Bushwick Dream we have taken the time to tackle such burning questions. 


1)  Where can I find the skinny jeans?  


¿Dónde puedo encontrar los jeans apretado?


2)  Its an obscure band, you’ve never heard of them.

  Es una banda rara, nunca has escuchado sobre ellos.

3)  Your rent is how much?

 ¿Su renta es cuanto?

4)  Do you have a spare rolling paper?

 ¿Tiene usted un papel extra para rodar?

5)  Yeah, my dog’s a rescue.

Sí, mi perro fue rescatado.

6)  No, this is my parents credit card.

No, esta es la tarjeta de crédito de mis padres.

7)  Does this come in plaid?  

¿Esto viene en gaban?

8)  I can’t make it, I’ve got band practice. 

No lo puedo hacer, tengo práctica de la banda.

9)  God I hate gentrification.  

Dios, odio gentrificación.

10)  So I’m thinking about applying to grad school.

Estoy pensando en solicitar a la escuela de posgrado.

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Imagine this.........

    You're finishing up the end of your work day, looking forward to the three day weekend.  You're dreaming of that ice cold Coors, the perfectly flamed hamburger with ketchup and pickles, that one joint you smoke a year because the company you work for has random drug tests and the spectacular fireworks display........ THEN WHAM!!!!!!!!  It just goes straight down the tubes.




(The scenerio above is fictional, and any similarities to similar events, people or other ridiculousness is purely coincidental and hysterical)



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A stranger is just a friend that you haven’t met yet. Bushwick Dream puts random people on the spot. This time: Brent H., hailing from Chapel Hill, NC. and found at Pearl's Social and Billy Club



Why are you here?

I'm in Bushwick just returning from London after working there for ten years as a photographer and there are reasonably priced shooting spaces here.  You can see my work at brenthelsel.com.


What’s the border of Bushwick, in your opinion?

Williamsburg and..... well actually, I have no idea.


What’s your weapon of choice?

My camera, because I can catch my people at their best...... or their worst.


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Today if you drove down Flushing Ave you may have seen two men with three large dice.  One shuffling them around in the ninty-five degree heat and the other across the street taking pictures in a four hundred degree black Jeep.  Ad Deville's new project is a little stop action video that will be available here soon.  It will be of these dice depicting the Bushwick autonym rolling around and looking basically awesome.


And the result:

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A stranger is just a friend that you haven’t met yet. Bushwick Dream put random people on the spot. This time: Mike F. (Originally from Sandusky, OH) found at The Pine Box Rock Shop.

Why are you here?

I run an educational program..... and let's be honest...... the women.


What's the boder of Bushwick, in your opinion?

They're mentally created and changing every day.


What's you weapon of choice?

 (Laughs heartily) The pen (is).


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Hidden away inside a buliding on Stewart Avenue where the hallways smell of fresh paint there is an artist with one hell of a vision.  Cathy Choi has only been doing these pieces for about five months but her work clearly shows she has a serious eye for making something new and truly unique.  Cathy's art is as if somehow she freeze framed the moment when a multi colored ocean wave breaks against the beach and it's truly stunning.  With no predisposed idea of what it's going to end up looking like when it's completed, she mixes resin, glue and oil together (the recipe proportions and technique is highly gaurded) then with less than thirty-five minutes to finish due to the drying time she has a piece of artwork that Mother Nature herself would look at and say, "Goddamn."


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Factory Fresh is not messing around when it comes to their plans for the upcoming BOS.  Inside their walls goes up their newest show Surrealism, curated in conjunction with Jason Andrew of Norte Maar, featuring a staggering 20 artists as they delve into their unconscious. And just ouside on Vandervoort Pl they will be showcasing their proposed Bushwick Art Park complete with a street art sculpture garden. There is a lot of major preparation in the works. Here is an inside look at whats going up:


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Today in the back courtyard of Factory Fresh Brooklyn based sculptor/street artist known as Leon Reid IV and his associate known simply as "Joe" are putting together something uniquely engaging. It's all part of the driving force behind Bushwick Art Park and a show opening on May 7 at New Museum called, Festival of Ideas for a New City. Here's a sneak peak....


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Misspleed turk
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He was a poster boy for fitness, and a crazy old man. Good luck, I hope you get in a fight with Frank Sinatra.

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The same people who brought you this brilliant poster, bring you this other well stated anti-MTA statement.

A hospital bed is a parked taxi with the meter running.

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Such a bad hospital, even the security is comatose.......See the pictures!
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Ever wish you were around in the good ol' days when Groucho Marx reigned supreme? Well, how about checking out a great live performance of a recreation of the late, great entertainer? Sound good? We thought so. Put on by the Bushwick Project for the Arts.

A hospital bed is a parked taxi with the meter running.

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This Sunday is the pantsless subway ride. Show up with your idiotic friends at Maria Hernandez park at 3:00 to sign up. We here at TBD would like to say, "go commando, it's funnier."


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Still king of the hill.

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Today is 1-1-11. TBD suggests the following hangover cures..... Bloody Mary's at The Pine Box, greasy food at Tina's, or not drinking so damn much.
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Here are some pictures of the competition. It was put on by The Gotham City Beard Alliance. It was hosted at Club Europa in Greenpoint. All proceeds went to the 9/11 first responders (via the Feelgood Foundation) whom are being totally fucked over by the very government they cleaned up voluntarily for. Enjoy.

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Yep.... it's really true. They're putting it at 785 Flushing Ave, across the intersection from HellHole Hospital.... Woodhull, excuse me. Full story here at The Brooklyn Eagle.
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New MTA signs, information that makes sense.

fucking thieves

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Now's our chance.
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The police are asking help in identifying the two assholes who beat the shit out of a guy in Kennedy Fried Chicken on Knickerbocker, and took his belongings. WATCH THE VIDEO!
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For all you junkies that still love your diesel, it's gonna be little bit harder to find your junk. According to courant.com a gentleman named Arturo Diaz, 47, residing at 370 Bushwick Avenue, apt 2G, and his accomplice Irving Colon, 40, of 264 South 1st st, apt 6A were busted with 4,000 bags of heroin. The cops also seized 2 vehicles, $575 in cash after a shipment arrived in Fairfield, CT. The whole story is here.
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Finally a practical use for the vuvuzela.

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So cool. Found this beaut on Essex St.

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If you can't dazzle her with your good looks or brilliance, just talk shit about her boyfriend with a pen in the subway. Idiot.

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According to "The L Magazine" Woodhull hospital is exchanging art of all kinds in exchange for "health credits" to the tune of $40/hr. Now I know what you're thinking and you're probably right. Why would I give them my awesome art in exchange for the worst possible healthcare in the worst possible hospital? The answer? I dunno, but if anyone tries this program, please write to The Bushwick Dream (to the left is a contact us link) and let us know how it went, we're super curious. Full article Here.
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Damn you, damn you, goddamn you. You're like a Mr. Brainwash with less creativity. If it wasn't enough I have to read your stupid name everywhere I go, you put your asinine logo ov........ No. You know what? I'm not even gonna stoop to your level.

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Who likes mushrooms? No, not the ones that you eat and giggle like schoolgirl, puke and see shit in the future. Just mushrooms, some you've heard of, some maybe you haven't. This guy in Bushwick, Kendall Morrison, 47, is growing them by the boat load. Read the whole story here at The New York Times.
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This fucking genius.

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Someone needs teacherer.

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Granted it's only the second day of April and the high today was about 65, some crazy cats decided to try a dance party complete with DJ. I heard it got moved inside. E on effort.

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If anyone has a really long range flame thrower, now may be the time to break it out, and walk over to Jefferson St and Wyckoff ave., look up, aim and put this sorry excuse for a national symbol out of it's misery.

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So you better treat him right. Or, he'll do your taxes wrong.

Smooth moves seen at Metro and Graham.

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And it ain't about hipsters! Trailer here.
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This guy fought tooth and nail not be arrested. The first photo showing how damn hard he was fighting. The second is of the five, count 'em five, blue shirts that it took to get him in the car. His friend with his back to the camera was trying to talk some sense into him, but he wasn't hearing it.

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Cory Feldman is crying into an empty martini glass.
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According to the Daily News the police are giving $190,500 to 14 teenagers who claim to be falsely arrested on Myrtle Avenue. They were on a way to a wake for a gang member killed by gang violence. Of course, the cops and the higher brass say there was no wrong doing. Well at least it's nice to see the police just feeling truly altruistic all of the sudden.
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Bushwick's very own Roberta's is having a seminar on raising cute little rabbits in their back yard. Then, you'll learn how to slaughter, disembowel, defur, and cook the lil' buggers. Mmmmmmm..........
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One of Bushwick's finest and funniest natives was born today in 1916. He was born Herbert John Gleason. We know him as "Jackie". He attended PS 73, where the kids today remember him by having no clue who that black and white fat guy is. Here's to you Jackie, I hope you're drinking whiskey and smoking cigars with Sammy Davis, Jr. If you want a more detailed story, you can look here at theThe Brooklyn Eagle.

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Looking for this Israelite...
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Oh yeah?? Wanna see some really fucked up shit? How about a site that just connects you, at random, to any other person via webcam....worldwide. It's like some sort of strange futuristic people zoo, with an unlimited amount of unique species. I just did it for like, 3 minutes, and I'm already terrified. I saw things no man should see. It's called Chatroulette! Take your chances.....
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A man was robbed on Bushwick ave, according to NY1, on Monday. Take a good look, he may be a neighbor.
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It happened on Schaefer street. I think that about says it all. If you want to read more the village voice, has a slight bit more.
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Everything was going just fine. The new store on Knickerbocker and Hart was selling and leasing miscellaneous appliances, saying "hi" to the neighborhood, and then, WHAM! This fucking prick of a purple gorilla shows up, starts throwing heavy ass furniture.... and wearing shades, on a clearly overcast day. What a dick.

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The streets are fighting back against the people who upkeep some of it. Apparently (according to ABC) the other night at 3am an underground explosion sent a manhole cover flying through the stale air of Bushwick and nearly killed a Consolidated Edison worker. Found it nyah.
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As reported by The Gothamist....LEAVE!!!!!!!!
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A man with a BB gun was gunned down in Bushwick for stupidity. He was taken to this hospital. Read about it here.
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That is all.
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Today I saw a girl drop her cell phone, when it bounced the back came off and the battery popped out. The battery landed in what may have been the grossist puddle in Harlem, clearly at least 6" deep, full of garbage and topped with the a thin oil slick. She sucked it up, put her hand in the muck and retrieved the battery. She then turned around and proceeded to accidentally kick the cell phone into the sewer. The look on her face was priceless. She put the battery back in the puddle and walked away cursing. :)
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So, it's five minutes to 4:00pm and I'm having a quick one and on the tv happens to be ultimate fighting. There's one gentleman whom I believe to be about 6'4", 240ish, Puerto Rican, maybe 42 years of age, and he LOVES the fighting. However, he's going on about how it's okay for one man to kick another man in the nuts. Judging by the looks on the other few people in here, he's the only one. Oh yeah! And, he keeps calling his girlfriend (who's here) "the cunt", and in the 3rd person. I'm soooooo confused. He's also been asking for a ciggarette. He did however say something really funny. The sysco foods truck just pulled up, and he yells "I know this nigga's got a ciggarette, 'cause he's got a depressing fucking job."
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Fart funny as shit

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I caught this guy staring in my window after the snowfall. Judging by the Brooklyn Dodgers hat I figure him to be about 95.

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Who the fuck wears a white scarf????

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I understand this isn't Bushwick, but this was too damn funny to not post.

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As seen in previous posts here, this damn pussy has gone from mooching menace to homeless ass sleeping on the bench near The Archive and The Snatch.

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Well con-fucking-gradulations. King bloombucks is going to win an incredibly tight race. I just hope by posting this before the votes are completly counted it'll have the Dewey/Truman effect. To all of you whom didn't vote, I hope you die of dysentery (which will inevetibly happen as rent will now be skyrocketing and you'll be living in the gutter.). To the fucking imbaciles whom voted for Scumberg, I wish worse. I hope you get explosive diarrahea caught between subway stops with either a track fire or a sick passenger in the tunnel ahead of you. Then I hope you die (of fucking embarrasment.). Also to asshats that allowed Kingburg to run thrice, I don't even need to belittle you, you've done it already. I hope Satan isn't real, because he's got your fucking number.
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FUCKING VOTE!!!!!!! That is all.
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It's a really obscure number, I don't think you'd know it.
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So somebody saw some random chemicals in a box with a can of paint and decided to call 911. The thing is when you call the fire department in this city, they bring EVERYONE. You can't really tell from the picture but there was like 6 or 7 fire trucks here, all for what? Well it turned out it was just film developing chemicals. A neighbor told this to the cops when they arrived and was harassed and told by midget cop that he'd put his foot up his ass. Nice.

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You know Goodbye Blue Mondays? No? It's a neat little bar/cafe tucked away on busy Broadway. Besides being an ode to ol' Kurt Vonnegut they have tall boys of PBR and live shows. Last night these blokes from the south called "Listener" played there, and they're fucking awesome. Besides having a raging singer/poet as a front man they have another guy who plays the washing machine. Check them out here.

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Or not.

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Ever wonder what happens with that grass the trooper took from you? Well, now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

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Well I guess it makes 'em harder to steal.

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This guy is a personal friend of mine and I swore I would do everything in my power to help him. This child is a real handful and he desperately needs help. Since he posted this video of desperation he's had over 60,000 views, numerous responses, and it's even been shown on television in Germany and Sweden. Alas, to no avail, this single dad has asked for help from TheBushwickDream.net If you're out there and see this, do the right thing.

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In the end you just get a bowl of pits.
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So I'm at work and I am about to go into the office, when something catches my eye. Semi-naked women. One of the guys at work left these on the prep table. All these two cards say is "delivery". Delivering what you ask? I have a sneaking suspicion that these "business cards" may or may not be selling sex. Hookers to be more specific. Either that or sexy women in bikini's deliver food or maybe weed. I don't want to get anyone in trouble so I have taken the justice of deleting some numbers.

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Okay so I was just surfin' the ol' net, and I came across this today. It's written by The Village Voice. It's a great article. It was written two summers ago. I suggest taking the time to read the whole thing. The Second Battle of Bushwick
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Just watch. I dare you to not laugh. Or cry. Either way, this is.....is.....well.....it's something.

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So I'm fucking around on craigslist today and what do I come across when I search for Bushwick? Some dude is handing out (hilarious) beatings to hipsters in Bushwick, free of charge, and he may or may not be framing innocent animals. He's started recently too, these are posts from 9/3/09 and 9/4/09. Check 'em out, watch your cello playing ass. End of story.
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Mayoral campaigns can be a real fucking bitch sometimes, like when you're faced with voting for King Bloomberg who strong armed his way to run for a third term. Let's face it, ol' Mikey sure is going to be hard to take away the incumbency from. Who else can we vote for? Well.........here's the solution!! THE REVEREND BILLY TALEN!!! Look at this fuckin' guy, with faux Morrisey pompadour, giant Green Party button, Smurf blue blazer and priestly vestments. And, who's he pointing at? Jesus Christ it's ME!!!!!!
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Summer time blues got you down? No air conditioner? Out of Alpo? No worries, just go sit in that empty spot where the a/c should be and watch the cats and hipsters go by N 7th.

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Watch your ass, I just saw Handbanana making a break for it out of a house on Troutman. He was heading north on Knickerbocker chasing a fat, balding, middle aged man.

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If god were watching..... He'd be upset. You sicko.
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Please remember to conserve your yellow paint. You'll never know when you'll need to paint a schoo bu.

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And a 30 day metro card is worth $89. Sooner more than later they'll be nearing or exceeding $100. Whoever did this is obviously speaking out against the shitty service, shitty prices and shitty smelling trains (mainly on the a, c, and e trains). That, or they just thought the next guy to walk by this masterpiece (on Waverly Pl. in The Village) would laugh his ass off. (I did.)

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But cussing mother fuckers out is always worth every penny.

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I suggest maybe a drawer or on a hook near the door, preferably on the inside of your apartment. Places I do not suggest; inside a lion or on a wrought iron fence post on Grattan street right near where you park.

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You have to try this site it's fucking awesome.
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As seen in this post here, someone is really stressing the point to read. In my heart of hearts I want this person to be a librarian whose job is on the ropes. That, or a just some dork with a lot of spray paint. Either way I am on his or her side for whatever he or she is trying to say. Having trouble starting? Try this.

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a bunch of beer, a roof party, artists, a black marker and the drywall next to my bathroom? A divine dog by Dane. I like him, I named him ??????? ?????. Like him? Here's more of Dane's stuff

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This is the sign above the car wash on the corner of Flushing Ave and Knickerbocker Ave. There's so much wrong with this sign I'm not sure where to begin. Well, first, how many fucking apostrophes do you need? Jesus, I just realized someone probably paid for this too. You would assume that somewhere along the lines of ordering this beaut it would have crossed someone who spoke English better than a four year old Chinese immigrant with little to no knowledge of the language. Does the machine that makes these signs not have spell check? Does the person operating it hate his job, or just this specific car wash? Oh and see that "wow" in the background? I'm pretty sure that's the building actually saying "wow, what a shitty sign" to itself because they printed it like this on both sides.

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Okay so we all know that Brooklyn's Natural, or "the snatch" as I prefer to call it is a rip off. Not because the same food, toiletries, animal food and whatnot is actually cheaper at Whole Foods, but they're charging more based on two things; 1) They kind of have a monopolistic stranglehold on the area, seeing as though they're the only ones open late and, well, they're the only ones, period. 2) They charge more because it's basically all organic. Well folks now you can just get shitty groceries with tons of chemical crap added because a giant independent study says ORGANIC DON'T MEAN SHIT! Read it here.
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So the BrownSTONER.com posted an article about "our kids" being exposed to "pot in the park" and "porn at the library." They say it's part of the "local culture" and that "love it or hate it, it's here to stay." 1) If you are smoking weed near children in the park or near the playground, you could and should be arrested. Not because it's "against the law", but because "you're a fucking numb-skull." 2) If you are a grown adult and you are viewing porn on a library computer, you could and should beat off. Not because "it's the right thing to do" but because "you could and should be arrested." Read it here.
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You can't fucking fool me.

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When you're all too awake do you have a smoke to calm your nerves? ´┐ŻEs usted un verde de dibujos animados con una guitarra y cigarrillos? This poster may be for you!!!

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Well booze, of course!! Plus some other neat crap. And, a few other spots too!!! Wine like a baby!!!
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These dudes robbed a BP station at Bushwick and Troutman on 7/7 at 11pm. They are also suspected in robbing another place on Wilson ave. and Jefferson ave. on 6/26. Know em? The cops would love to know. Check out these morons on video. I don't know how why any of them wasn't chewing a piece of Bubblelicious to put over the lens. Also, no one at the Bushwickdream.net neither condones nor condemns the use of the NY Post, Toyota Prius, BP, the robbing of BP or theft in general. Don't get the wrong idea.
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So I just saw something so cool. I was sitting in a bar off the L train which will remain nameless. All I can say is it's steps from an L train exit. I was sipping my rum when two dapper looking fellas came in and sat next to me. It's about 1 AM and the larger of the two men gave me a smile that chilled me to my very core. The barkeep walked up and handed the smaller gentleman a leather messenger bag. I think it's zippers were locked together, but I can't be sure. Now, the smaller chap was about 5'10" and 250 lbs. He had a head the length of a rugby ball and the genral roundness of a regulation dart board. Unfortunately, I have already drank too much to come up with any good synonyms for the larger, hulkish man. However, I digress. After the exchange of the briefcase the larger man ordered two shots of what I believe, was Jameson. They promptly did their shots and were handed a brown paper bag. Also, the smaller man gave the bartender what looked like slips for sports betting. It was like something out of "Goodfellas." I feel more like a man for having witnessed it. Also, if you see this post and it offends anyone in "the family" please just leave a message next to my sleeping wife in the form of a severed horse head. I'll get it when I get home, I work late.
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Yep. It's 95% wrong and filled with racist comments. Can't believe I read this. Make sure you make it to page 2. We're neatly filed between bushwhore (a blind follower of George W Bush and his administration's policies) and Bushwick Bill (of The Gheto Boys).
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Well thanks to a bunch of fucking morons with mediocre art and no sense of WHAT IS FUCKING SACRED, we no longer have the giant mural near the corner of Houston and Bowery that was done by Keith Haring in 1982. I'm told it's Brazilian artists named Os Gemeos. Portuguese for "the twins." Apparently, it's identical twin brothers. How people with such an original name choice could choose such an already painted spot, I'll never know. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying this art ain't okay. It's aight. I've seen the one in Coney Island, but, it sure of fuck didn't belong on top of of a Haring mural. It's like taking the fountain in front of Lincoln Center and replacing it with an open urinal. I'd probably even LIKE it if it were somewhere else. HEY! I GOT IT!!! Put it HERE!!! Here's a link to The Gothamist of them painting it.

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Okay, I just saw this other day and I have been told by one of my investigative team members that it's been taken down already. Here is one of the odder street art/anti-Bloomberg pieces I've seen. I've only seen a few, but this one's neat because they used a horrifying picture of him. Also, I apologize for cutting off the words on the right in the second photo. If you use your brain just a little, you'll know what the words are supposed to say.

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You know how people are always chopping up those wet paint signs to say such clever musings as "ain't wet & wet taint." Well the other day when I got off the L train at 6th avenue I saw one that read "t pain." I don't know what the hell that means, but I'm pretty sure it's excruciating.
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I have come to the particularly ubsurd, gross realization that the porn revolution hath taken a crazy leap forward. Any device that is delivering Internet to phones is delivering porn. That's right, folks. Spank-ta-vision to go 24/7/52/365. You now have the right to look at the people who touch your food slightly differently. Also, I'd start tipping better and stop being rude just for the fuck of it. You want fries with that? No? What's that? Sorry no refunds.
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I would like to believe that in the future, say, when I'm like 60 (if I make it that far) things will have only changed for the funny. I hope to make a post about 30 years from now with an ipod hanging from razor wire.

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One white fedora with matching white shoes $185. One lime green suit, $150.99. Being so tired from pimpin' you're sleeping on a bench at third avenue..... fucking priceless.

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This may be for you!!! Click this bitch right here -----> Bitch
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Hell no, he "doesn't do Brooklyn." Take a read you'll see what I'm talking about.

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Gentrification is the "new fire."

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So you're sitting around and you have some cardboard and spray paint. You're 19 and just read The Rum Diaries and "it changed your life." So epic. You're also not very creative and definitely you're not very smart. So what better way to immortalize good ol' Hunter than to spray paint HIS emblem in drab white on a brick wall the size of infant. Listen jerk off, if you're going to spray paint on a wall, do something good. Do something original. Don't take someone's shit that's already INCREDIBLY overplayed. Why don't you just spray paint the Nike sign everywhere, and sign it Banksy. Fucking idiot.

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I think they may be all three. Read on..... $100 RENTALS IN BUSHWICK???
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I caught this cat hanging outside The Archive on Bogart street just mooching food from some dude who was eating a sammy. He said it wasn't his. If you see this cat, tell him your on to him and you're not playing "that" game.

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I know what you did this summer............

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A hipster is smoking Bali Shag. Also, God is smiling on Barack Obama

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Okay so here's the situation. My parents went away on a weeks vacation. But enough about that, on to the bedbugs. This is the 2nd one you've found there RD. I think you need a ton of poisonous white powder strewn throughout your mattress and hard wood floors. If you need help I would try hazmat. Also from now on anyone entering my apartment will have to strip naked and be deloused like jail. I already have roaches (not even the "cool kind") I don't need bedbugs too.
by:angry dan  posted by:  filed:Insights  06-24-09


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